Saturday, August 15, 2009

Princely Sum - Installation

Princely Sum, a collaborative work by Green Mountain Archery Club (Karl Chitham & Emma Smith), was created for the exhibition titled 'Its a Draw' at Artstation, Ponsonby, Auckland. The exhibition opened on Tuesday 28 July and ran from 29 July to 15 August 2009. The exhibition featured works by Mark Braunias, Gina Ferguson, Simon Gamble, Kristy Gorman, Frances Hansen, Miriam Harris, Hadley Hodgkinson, Lonnie Hutchinson, Susan Jowsey, Karen Krisp, Esther Leigh, Toni Mackinnon, Allen McDonald, Kim Meek, Miranda Playfair, Marie Shannon, Monique Redmond & Janet Lilo, Mandy Thomsett-Taylor, Sam Walters, Marcus Williams.

Princely Sum

Princely Sum detail

Princely Sum (Mrs Hobson) detail

Princely Sum (Dargaville) detail

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  1. Hi ya Karl, thanks for the email. I just love to hear about what you are up to.

    The princely sum installation; really cool!! I am no good at blogging but thought I would let you know how I saw it.

    Real estate/land, is so much embedded in our Kiwi hearts. At present it is greatly threatened. That home of our own is almost out of reach. I think our whole perceived way of life is precariously balanced and things are looking very rickety. I also see a reference to the fact that we build on fault lines in this country and that we don’t even think much about that, but if we could see whats under the surface maybe we would. The red lines looked like debt loading. I’m not sure about the trig station as they are usually at the highest point but it does look sad and dilapidated, so maybe that’s a statement about the land. The whole installation looks unstable so for me that’s how every thing appears in the present world climate.